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Ancestry DNA Kit Activation

We all wish to know more about our ethnic roots or want to discover our connections to our past and contemporary relatives. Well, that is possible now with the use of the Ancestry DNA kit. Ancestry DNA is a service that examines one’s DNA and the data that they receive, integrates it with the family tree. The service provides a DNA testing kit that you will have to return with your saliva sample. Ancestry DNA kit is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use. If you wish to get one, you can click on www.ancestry.com/dna. Through this kit, you can quickly discover where your family is from, and that too without leaving your home.

After you provide your sample with the kit, the service posts the results to your online profile. The following kit is available at a much affordable price that you can get by going through the ancestrydna sign in page.


All About Activating an Ancestry DNA Kit

Anyone who wants to have a clear understanding of their genealogy through the Ancestry DNA Kit will have to sign up for a user account. And after creating a user account, you can activate the DNA test kit via ancestrydna.com/activate with much ease. Also, you will need an activation code that you will receive after creating your user account. You must keep the code until you get your test results. The service also provides you with a free trial. The process for activating the Ancestry DNA test kit from the ancestry dna sign in page is much easy and straightforward. Perform the task by following some simple instructions. Here are the steps that you must follow to activate the Ancestry DNA kit:


  • ❖ Firstly, launch any web browser on your device and then visit the Ancestry kit activation site through ancestry.com/activate.
  • ❖ On the activation page, you will see two options on your screen, including “Sign In” and “Sign Up.” To sign up for an account, click on the “Sign Up” option. And if you already have an account, then go to “Sign In.”
  • ❖ Now, after signing in to your account through the ancestry dna sign in page, you will need to click on the option of “Next.”
  • ❖ And then, proceed further and provide your activation code and then click the option of “Next.” You can find the activation code on the instruction packet that you get with the product.
  • ❖ Now, if you want to activate the kit for yourself, you will have to click on your name and then click the “Next” button. To activate the kit for a kid, click on the option of “My Child” and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • ❖ On the next window, fill in the “Date of Birth” and “Assigned Gender at Birth” fields and then go to the “Next” button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • ❖ After this, you will be taken to the “DNA Processing Consent” window. Here, you will need to click on the option of “Review and Consent.” And then, hit the “Next” button.
  • ❖ Now, you will be asked if you would like to store your sample with Ancestry. If you are agreed, then click on the option of “I give Consent,” and if not, then choose the other option.
  • ❖ After reaching the next screen, go through the informed consent instructions and then click the “I have read the Informed Consent” option.
  • ❖ Next, for your participation or non-participation in DNA results, you can choose any of the options including, “I Give Consent” and “I Do Not Give Consent,” and then use the “Next” option.
  • ❖ After reaching the next section, click the option of “Yes” if you want to see your DNA matches. Otherwise, you can click on the “No” option.
  • ❖ If you want your name to be seen by other DNA matches, click on the “Name” option. And if you want your DNA matches to view your username, you will need to click on your “Username” and next go to the “Next” button.
  • ❖ If you want to show all the regions and communities in your ethnicity estimate to your DNA matches, click on the option of “Show my complete ethnicity estimate and community.”
  • ❖ After this, you will be taken to the “Kit Notification” section. If you want to receive text updates about the status of your kit, then click the option of “Yes,” and if not, then click on “No.”
  • ❖ If you have clicked the “Yes” option, then you will need to provide your contact number.
  • ❖ If you want to receive the weekly emails about new information, you can go to the “Yes” option.
  • ❖ After following all of these steps, go to the “Review” section and check all the information that you have provided and then click the “Submit and Activate” option. And that’s it. One can check their DNA kit's status anytime by going through the “DNA” tab placed at the top of the web page.


So that is how anyone can activate the Ancestry DNA test kit by going through the activation site via ancestrydna.com/activate. You can get the results within the eight weeks after the laboratory receives your sample. Create your account now through the ancestrydna sign in page if you haven’t done it yet.